Glass fronted fireplaces, either gas or wood burning, get very hot. This is because the glass is used to contain the emissions within the firebox and also to make the appliance reach a higher efficiency level. If you purchase a glass fronted fireplace then caution should be observed as accidentally touching the glass when the appliance is lit would give an instant burn.

Fire Guards

Children and elderly people are at the greatest risk from a glass fronted fireplace. If you consider that your appliance could pose a risk then it is strongly advised to buy a fire guard. There are many types on the market to suit various budgets and style requirements.

Broken or Cracked Glass

The glass used on this type of fireplace is a special ceramic glass that can take the heat without cracking. If your glass fronted appliance develops a crack do not use it as dangerous emissions will leak from the appliance into the room. You should contact the manufacturer of your fireplace and ask for details of who to purchase the official replacement glass from. Do not just fit standard window glass it may shatter when the appliance is on.

Glass Seal

The glass is normally sealed to the fireplace by special braid and brackets. The glass seal should never be removed or the fireplace used if the seal is damaged or missing. The glass, bracket and braid form a seal that will to stop emissions -CO – leaking into your room.


In the USA some appliances are now fitted with a screen mesh across the glass and this acts as a barrier if the glass is touched. The addition of this mesh can affect the visual look of the fire.

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